Sunday, 12 May 2019

Wholewheat Ragi Chocolate biscuits (No Baking soda and No Baking powder)

Hi friends !! Here's wishing all the mothers a very Happy Mother's Day!! Now, coming to my motherhood any other kid, my girl is currently going through a "biscuits-phase"....a phase where all she wants to hog on is, chocolate biscuits whole day. Now being a mommy, it is obviously not acceptable to me...but "No" is unacceptable to her too. So, I have tried making it a bit healthier,  by using wholewheat flour and ragi flour. We as adults loved it too and there was a duel between the daddy-daughter duo for the last biscuit. Needless to say I had to bake a fresh batch that very night to resolve their fight. The nuttiness of the flours added depth to the chocolate flavor, making it more intense and yummier. These biscuits are crisp and buttery.....
Irresistible and addictive are the only words I can choose to describe them...

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Easy-peasy One-bowl moistest CHOCOLATE CAKE!!

If I tell you that I am an ardent chocolate lover, you won't believe me...I know!! My fault, I know...coz you won't find many chocolate recipes on here. But the truth is I test a recipe numerous times before posting it here, and chocolate being my love, requires n number of tests to be passed, before I am really, really satisfied with it....
So my quest for the perfect chocolate cake went on and on...some recipes were finicky with mediocre results, some dry, some not so chocolatey...some were really weird....some resulting in such hard outputs, that you can use it as foundation for constructing your house😑😑....until I stumbled upon this one. I tested it multiple times and was totally satisfied every time. This is one recipe that ticks off all the points on my list:
Easy, simple (heck! you don't even need to take out your hand mixer, a whisk does the job!!!), fluffy, moistest, almost melts in your mouth, aaaaand as CHOCOLATEY as a chocolate can be!!

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Coffee-walnut Hot Milk Sponge

Though I am more of a Tea person than a coffee one, I do enjoy a good cup of coffee every now and then. It really gives you the much required kick when you are ready to throw in the towel....e.g. getting your hyperactive toddler to sleep. Those are the times I wish I could make my coffee with Red Bull instead of water...and give some tranquilizers to my kid, so that our energies balance out and we both can catch some zzzzzs....ohhh so much for the wishful thinking!!!!! (Disclaimer for the child welfare deptt: No kids were harmed/ actually given tranquilizers during the writing of this post).
Nevertheless, this is one such cake that will please any kind of person ....tea/ me!!

Friday, 21 December 2018

Merry Christmas!! with a Panettone!!

"HO...HO..HO!! Jingle bells Jingle bells..jingle all the way. Santa Clause is coming to town riding on a sleigh!" Yayyy!! Sooo?? Are you ready to welcome Santa, coming in 3 days 😉😉☺☺...
I am ready now...with this Panettone....the new found love here in UK. It is a rich, moist, fluffy, soft and sweet Italian bread which is a kind of cross between a cake and a bread. Sounds yumm, no??!! I know....but wait till you bake your own to relish...THAT my friend, is HEAVENLY 😇😇.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Fudgiest Double chocolate Brownies (EGGLESS and WHOLEWHEAT)

Did you know that dark chocolate is exceptionally good for your health? It has loads of anti-oxidants to rejuvenate our body and mood both. And what if it is presented to you in the yummiest possible way (ohh! I know, chocolates are yummy in themselves. But for me brownies are even more yummy😋😋😊😊)....and what if I tell u that it is eggless and free from refined flours...ahhhh!! Got u now😄😄....!! So here are my wholewheat double chocolate brownies...that are hands-down the yummiest and fudgiest brownies EVER!!

Friday, 27 July 2018

Kesar-pista Naankhatai (Eggless Indian Shortbreads)

Hi friends!! This is going to be the shortest post in my history of blogging. Not because of lack of time, but because a batch of these beauties is in the oven and I need to go check on cookies, as well as my toddler who is waiting patiently at the oven door for the cookies to come out. My kid is also a hardcore naankhatai lover (just like her mom)!! And I am sure you too will become one after trying these out....