Wednesday, 25 March 2015

March challenge: Extra-nutty dark chocolate fudge brownies (Eggless)

This month's challenge for our Baking eggless group was extra nutty and fudgy chocolate brownies by Joy the Baker. The challenge provided an apt opportunity for me to add a fascinating brownie recipe to my repertoire. The original brownie looked seriously delish, and the real challenge for me was to retain its look and texture, while converting it into its eggless avator. For me, anything fudgy is equal to "condensed milk"....oh yes!! what can be fudgier than it?? So I thought of using it instead of eggs. For any brownie recipe to be a success, the taste of chocolate should scream over any other ingredient used. Hence I used chocolate in two forms....chocolate bar and cocoa. Since I enjoy eating Bournville range, I used that. And for the cocoa I rely on good ol' Cadbury!!