Friday, 28 June 2013

Classic Tea Cake

Before marriage, I used to ogle at all the recipe cards and pics my mom kept in her Recipes folder, hoping to replicate them someday in my own kitchen. Last week she was visiting me. I asked her to bring it along, so I could try some of those mouth-watering treats!
This is one such recipe that she used to whip up in a jiffy, and I had my eye on it since long! I don't remember (and neither does my mom!), the exact source of this recipe.....but, whatever! I thank God and my mom for it! It is such a forgiving and no-fail recipe, that I kicked myself for not having included it in my folder long ago. I tweaked the method a bit (just to experiment) and the results confirmed my theory, that if you want a tender, moist and light cake, with less butter, use either the reverse creaming method, or the egg-separation method. But since I'm not yet an expert in whipping my egg-whites to stiff peaks, I prefer the easier and less time-taking method of "reverse-creaming".  
choco-chip, nuts tea cake
I think the crumbs tell their story need for me to brag!!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Eggless Mango Marble Cake for HOME BAKERS CHALLENGE

eggless mango chocolate cake

Home Bakers Challenge is a baking group for bloggers and non-bloggers started by Priya, where we are given a recipe each month to challenge ourselves; and showcase it on the 10-12 of next month. I had posted earlier, how joining this group had motivated me to start my journey into blogosphere here. To find out more about the group, visit here

This month's challenge was hosted by Sangee Vijay, who went with the fruit of the month (read: MANGO!!) and gave us two versions of "Mango-marble cake" to was the egg version, and the other, eggless.
I decided to try the eggless version.