Grab My Blog Button!

Finally!! I was able to create and load my own Blog Button, using help from "The Google" (the omniscient) and Picmonkey...!!
Now, how I did it, is a long story....maybe some other time I'll be able to write a full fledged post about for now, I'm really excited and happy to present to you, and be able to share with you all, my blog's identity for my darling virtual baby!
Hope you all will love it too. Below are the steps for grabbing my button....

STEP1: Open the Layout in your blogger dashboard;
STEP2: Click on "Add Html";
STEP3: Copy and paste the following code into the Box body, and you're done!
 <div align="center"><a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="My Baking Diaries" src=""/></a>

Thank you for liking and supporting!!



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