Hi! I am a finance professional and a baker at heart. I love cooking healthy and sometimes not-so-healthy food. I am obsessed with cakes, cupcakes, muffins.....so most of my recipes here will comprise that. For me baking is therapeutic and I indulge a lot in it. There is something about this whole process that just drives any kind of stress away!! Sometimes the end-product is satisfying...and sometimes it is just an addition to the stress with "OMG!! What to do with this??!!"...yet the whole journey brings a smile to the face. Though I haven't done any professional course on cooking/ baking, I believe if you are really passionate about something then nothing can stop you from imbibing that skill! So i commit mistakes and learn. Google and people (read: bloggers) help me a lot in this and I thank them from the bottom of my heart!

All the recipes posted here are tried and tested by me....and I don't rest until I find a recipe that satisfies me on all the criterion related to the end-product viz. taste, texture, time taken, efforts involved etc. However, I believe, that taste is a very subjective thing and what I find tasty might not be so for the other person. And this is what gives a "personal touch" to any recipe. Perhaps that is why one can find so many versions of a thing as simple as "Aloo ki sabzi"...!!!!

So, Welcome aboard!! Hope you find my journey equally entertaining!

If you have any suggestions or queries, you are most welcome! You can post them in the comments section of the related recipe, or, catch me at n(dot)malvecka(at the rate)gmail(dot)com. I'll love to hear from you! If you wish to use any of my recipes or images for sharing/ posting on your blog/ site, I'll appreciate if you would drop me a mail first, as all the content on this site is copyrighted and protected. If you need any help regarding the recipes here, just mail me and we'll sort it out together!

Bakefully yours,


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