Friday, 26 July 2013


Yay..!!! I've got my very first award....

The Awesome Blog Content award:

This award has been passed on to me by my close blogger friend Harini, a very sweet person whom I met after I started blogging....She blogs beautiful recipes on Cook Click n Devour and is very talented and helpful.....a real gem of a person!Do check out her tips section, it's really helpful!

Now, this award comes with a few rules:
a) Add the ABC Logo to your new blog post: Done!

b) Write one word/ phrase about yourself that begins with A,B,C etc.: Ummm, I'd say it is "Persistent"...

c) Nominate some blogs; leave a comment on those blogs to let them know: I nominate my blogger buddies:-

*Shanthi @ Iyengar Cuisine

*Vijayalakshmi @ Virunthu Unna Vaanga

*Saranya Balaji @ saraniskitchen

*Nilu A @ kitchenserenity

*Sharanya @ Sara's Tasty Buds

*Preeti @ jopreetskitchen

Happy Blogging to all of you dear friends!!


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